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In an arena of innovation plagued with inefficiency and ineffectiveness, a senior entrepreneur, an innovator, and an artist join forces to pop open the eyes of nascent entrepreneurs. Knowing that successful entrepreneurs operate from a different mindset than most people and recognizing that success demands that entrepreneurs see through different eyes than the average person, they dedicate themselves to facilitating the three specific perspective flips necessary to reduce friction and the amount of time it takes to create new venture success.

David Robinson

Exceptionally strong artistic leader with extensive experience consulting, coaching, and facilitating creative process, organizational culture change, leadership, collaboration and education innovation, David is a lifelong visual artist with over 20 years of professional directing experience combined with wide-ranging contributions in both corporate and academic environments. He has founded schools, theater companies and small businesses. He maintains a full coaching and teaching calendar; his clients are executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers, artists:  dynamic, curious, and visionary individuals and forward-thinking organizations.

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Skip Walter

Skip is an entrepreneur, teacher, and senior executive.  A lifetime of executive management experience, consulting and study led to the founding of Attenex where they achieved a cash flow positive state within three years.  Attenex was sold to FTI Consulting in 2008 for $91M.  In the process of being a serial entrepreneur, Skip raised more than $25 M in new venture funding for software companies in the office automation, medical, and legal industries.  The products he helped design, create, and develop are used by over five million customers.

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Theresa Knakal

Theresa is a passionate strategic leader and process innovator with more than twenty years experience in software development, driving strategies, and results-oriented management.  Theresa’s experience expands both startup companies and large corporations in the Fortune 100.  Prior to joining Flipped StartUP, Theresa ran several software engineering groups and departments at various small and large companies where she built and delivered products and services.

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