Flip by David Robinson 2013

Fl!p officially launched on June 1, 2013.  Check Fl!p and the gang out at Flipcomic.

When David and Skip started actively collaborating on the content for Flipped Startup (with a little too much wine), they came up with an idea for a comic strip. When the writing and planning and outlining and customer research would get too serious, they would grab a glass of wine and start swapping stories about the foibles of entrepreneurs. They knew that if they ever got started working on the comic they would never finish the books and seminar material.

As the first draft of THE SEER was put to bed, David and Skip joined by Theresa decided it was time to get serious about doing the Flip cartoon. Skip assumed that the team would brainstorm ideas and then we would find a cartoonist to draw characters and create the world of “Flip.” When the time came to start drawing, David shared that he would throw a few sketches together and that we wouldn’t need to hire a cartoonist.

A couple of days later, David showed up with his sketch book and showed his first couple of comic strips.  Skip’s jaw dropped at yet another wonderfully creative skillset that David had neglected to mention. So we were off to the races to get 60 different comics done before launching the website for the Daily Flip.

David constantly amazes all of us with his ability to take our daily experiences of living the entrepreneurial life and poking fun at all the characters and stereotypes that populate our world.

We hope you enjoy the Flip characters as much as we do.

We plan on starting the daily distribution of Flip on June 1, 2013.  Register with your name and email address so that you can join in the Flip fun.

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  1. Arleen Zank says:

    Much success in what looks like a refreshing venture.

    • admin says:


      Good to hear from you. I trust all is well. I hope you had a chance to go look at flipcomic.net to see our humorous views of the startup world.


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