Do you have a product or business idea that you’ve always wanted to create and have no idea how to get started? Are you an entrepreneur whose idea is stuck in the closet?

Do you face these common barriers?

  • Intimidated with networking
  • Afraid of failing
  • Doubting your idea

Do you fear?

  • Sounding stupid
  • Not knowing enough
  • Asking for help

Are you?

  • Blocked
  • Stuck
  • Stalled
  • Lost

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You can develop your entrepreneurial mind. Your eyes can be opened. It’s counter-intuitive – which is precisely why it is a characteristic of entrepreneurs. It can’t be studied; it must be lived.

David on stage at The Hub

David on stage at The Hub

Why You? Why Now?

You have ideas for what could be a great product.

You want to start your own business.

You know just the customers you want to serve.

And you’re stuck, fearful, or blocked.

David and Skip were in your same place – many times. Over thirty years, they received the gifts of countless mentors and experimented relentlessly on how to overcome the many obstacles in the way of the first time entrepreneur.  Their learning was the easy part.

The challenge was to translate their learning into actionable knowledge for the aspiring entrepreneur quickly.  Skip and David’s mantra is:

  • Experience first;
  • Make meaning second.

Come spend a day with us to launch your idea.

Come spend a day with us and find your support network.

Why Skip and David?

Skip Walter

Skip Walter

Frustrated with the trial and error approach to creating products and businesses, Skip kept seeking  a magical formula for new venture success. After 40 years of serial entrepreneuring in large corporations and raw startups, reading thousands of books and articles, attending too many expensive seminars, suffering through hundreds of consultants and mentors giving useless advice, Skip concluded there was no one way to move from an idea to a profitable business.

Then, Skip met David Robinson as they co-facilitated a seminar with 50 Seattle area corporate executives, University of Washington Professors, and government officials to create a shared understanding of 21st century learning. During the synthesis of the seminar outcomes, David and Skip realized they were both fed up with the lack of evidence based research and better frameworks for what makes for a successful new venture.

David Robinson

David Robinson

As David and Skip continued to collaborate, they realized that much of the advice from the so-called experts was of the form “I did it my way and I was successful, so you should do it the way I did it.” They realized that these experts when they interact with new entrepreneurs were coming from a place that reflects what they would do in our situation, not what the entrepreneur has the capability to do given their unique reality. The experts were sharing information, but they weren’t developing the mind of the entrepreneur.

Skip and David started experimenting with the oldest and most potent human form of knowledge transfer – story telling – in their respective courses on entrepreneuring.  They were amazed at the results once they were able to shift students’ mindsets from the expert thinking to one of not knowing.  This not knowing is what Professor Saras Sarasvathy calls “effectual entrepreneuring.”

While testing their ideas out in MBA and human centered design graduate school classes and mentoring hundreds of individual new venture teams, they realized they needed to capture their stories in multiple media – books, seminars, comics, and online.

The SEER seminar is the introduction to these ideas presented in a one day experiential learning context.

The Seminar Process

Prior to the seminar, you will receive the first three chapters of David’s new book The SEER: Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mind. In addition, you will receive daily exercise suggestions for the five days prior to the seminar to begin practicing SEEing the world differently.

During the seminar, you will select up to six other attendees to be your own network of collaborators to help you develop your skills, refine your new venture idea, and create the audience for your ideas.

After the seminar you will receive a complete copy of THE SEER delivered a week at a time for six weeks.  Each chapter comes with a suggested set of exercises to master. Every two weeks, David and Skip will check in with the seminar attendees to continue the process of developing your entrepreneurial capabilities by making meaning of the experiential practices of THE SEER.

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