The SOUL of the New Venture seminar is a three day intensive, experiential seminar which explores the macro-flip of the Flipped Startup Framework.  Most entrepreneurs start with an idea and spend all of their time and energy creating a product from their idea.  They assume that after getting the product built that customers will magically show up to buy their product.

Steve Blank has written and taught extensively on how entrepreneurs need to focus on customer development as much or more than product development. Flipped Startup takes these important ideas and extends them by saying that before even starting customer development, you should develop the mindset of an entrepreneur (see THE SEER book and THE SEER seminar).  Following the mindset, then you should seek out an audience that can potentially become customers in the future. The whole world of crowd funding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo) illustrates the power of finding an audience even before you have your product.

This seminar picks up where THE SEER leaves off with the focus on creating an audience and customers before building a product.

We expect to run this seminar in August 2013.

If you are interested in attending this seminar in Seattle, drop Skip Walter an email (skip at

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